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How much does a wedding videographer cost in South Africa?

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Deciding on a wedding videographer in South Africa can be as puzzling as choosing the perfect ring. It’s crucial to know that prices often reflect the coverage hours and package you select.

Our guide demystifies costs, ensuring your special day is captured beautifully without breaking the bank. Read on for insights into making savvy choices for capturing lifelong memories.

Let’s dive in..

Key Takeaways

  • Wedding videographer prices in South Africa range from R3,250 to R23,000. The cost depends on time at the wedding, video length, and extras like special effects or music rights.
  • Extra costs may include travel fees, additional staff for filming, editing on the same day as the wedding, drone footage for aerial views, and extra hours if the event runs long.
  • Affordable packages are available with some starting at competitive rates. Look out for off-season discounts and early booking specials to save money. Always check what’s included so you get coverage important to you without spending too much.

Understanding Videography Costs

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When it comes to understanding videography costs for your wedding day, it’s essential to consider the various factors that can influence the overall price. From the length of coverage to additional editing services, each aspect plays a role in determining the final cost.

Factors Influencing Costs

Wedding videography can change in price for many reasons. Here are the things that can make the cost go up or down:

  1. Time on Site: The longer a videographer is at your wedding, the more you may have to pay. They need to plan, shoot, and then pack up their gear.
  2. Experience: If your videographer has filmed many weddings, they might charge more. Their work is often better because they know how to capture special moments.
  3. Gear Quality: Better cameras and tools mean higher costs. These give you nicer videos but will add to your bill.
  4. Video Length: A longer video takes more time to make and edit. This means you’ll pay more if you want a video that shows your whole day.
  5. Editing Time: Cutting and fixing footage to tell your story takes hours. More editing makes the video look great but increases the price.
  6. Special Effects: Adding fancy touches like drone shots or animations could cost extra. They make your video unique but need special skills.
  7. Travel Fees: If your wedding is far away, the videographer might ask for money for gas or flights.
  8. Extra Staff: Sometimes, one person can’t film everything. More camera people help cover all parts of your day but mean paying more wages.
  9. Music Rights: Using popular songs in your video can mean paying fees so that it’s legal.
  10. Packages Offered: Videographers may offer deals with different things included – like shooting both the ceremony and reception, or adding a highlights clip for social media.

Average Cost of Wedding Videography in South Africa

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The average cost of wedding videography in South Africa ranges from around R6,000 to R30,000, depending on factors such as the duration of coverage, level of editing required, and additional services included.

To understand these costs in more detail and find affordable packages that suit your needs, read on!

Range of Prices

Wedding videographers in South Africa charge different prices. You might pay as little as R3,250 or up to R23,000. This big range is because each wedding is unique. Some couples want a simple video of their special day.

Others look for fancy effects and lots of hours of filming.

Costs can change based on what you want from your wedding videographer. If you ask for high-resolution videos or extra time at the reception, it will cost more. It’s important to think about what parts of your wedding you really want to be filmed so you can plan your budget right.

Additional Costs in Wedding Videography

Hiring a wedding videographer brings extra expenses you might not know about. These can add to the basic cost and change your budget.

  • Extra hours of coverage: If your celebration lasts longer than expected, you’ll pay more for every extra hour the videographer stays.
  • Additional photos: Asking for more high-resolution photos than what’s included in the package means spending extra money.
  • Drone footage: Capturing aerial shots of your wedding location and guests will cost more because it needs special equipment.
  • Same-day editing: Getting a video edited on your wedding day so you can show it at the reception is an exciting option but adds to the price.
  • Travel fees: Videographers often charge for travel if your wedding spot is far from where they work.
  • Multiple locations: Filming in different places on your big day? You might have to pay more for this too.
  • Raw footage: Some couples want all unedited video clips. This request usually comes with an additional fee.
  • Second shooter: Hiring another person to help capture every moment can give you better coverage but increases costs as well.

The Value of Wedding Videography

Wedding videos capture the story of your special day in a way that photos alone can’t. They let you relive the laughter, tears, and joy of all those precious moments. Think about hearing your vows again, watching your first dance, or seeing loved ones’ faces as you walk down the aisle.

These are memories to cherish forever.

A skilled wedding videographer does more than just record; they add magic to every frame with their video editing skills. They use music, speeches, and even small looks exchanged to make a film that reflects your unique love story.

This isn’t just a video – it’s an heirloom that will show future generations what your day felt like. With videography services becoming more popular in South Africa, couples have great options for capturing their weddings beautifully without breaking the bank.

Affordable Videography Packages in South Africa

Finding a good deal on wedding videography in South Africa can help make your special day memorable without breaking the bank. There are several packages that offer both quality and affordability.

  • Wild Moon Weddings provides services that won’t stress your wallet. Their pricing starts at competitive rates, making it easier for couples to capture their wedding memories.
  • Renphotos offers excellent videography packages. These deals include skilled videographers who know how to record each moment beautifully.
  • In Gauteng, you can find great prices for video and photo bundles. These packages often combine the best of both worlds, saving you time and money.
  • Look out for off – season discounts. Sometimes videographers lower their prices during less busy times of the year.
  • Ask about smaller packages. Some videographers offer shorter coverage for a lower price, which might be perfect if you have a tight budget.
  • Customised options are available too. You might be able to pick only the services you need, which could save you cash.


Getting the right wedding videographer in South Africa doesn’t have to break your budget. Prices vary, from R3,250 all the way up to R23,000. You can find packages that fit what you need and how much you can spend.

Remember to think about extra hours and special shoots which add to the cost. Pick what’s best for you and treasure those special moments forever!

If you’re still wondering whether to invest in capturing your special day on film, consider reading our insights on the value of wedding videography.


1. What’s the usual price for a wedding videographer in South Africa?

In South Africa, hiring a wedding videographer can vary greatly in price. Typically, you might expect to pay anywhere from a more affordable rate for basic coverage to premium rates for extensive photography services and high-quality videos.

2. Can I get photography services along with videography? How will that affect the cost?

Yes, many wedding photographers offer both photography and videography packages. Choosing a combined service often means better value but will naturally be pricier than choosing just one service.

3. Will the location of my wedding change how much I pay for video services?

Indeed, travel time may come into play; if your venue is far from your photographer’s base area, extra travel costs might pop up on your bill.

4. How far ahead should I book my wedding photographer or videographer?

Aim to book as soon as possible! Videographers like photographers often get booked up quite fast—especially the really good ones—so early booking could secure their availability for your big day and sometimes even snag an early bird rate.

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