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How long should wedding video take?

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Choosing the perfect length for your wedding video can be a tough decision to make. Many couples wonder if their film should capture every moment or just highlight the special bits.

The average wedding video is often between three to five minutes long for a highlight reel, yet some may prefer a more extended cut. Our guide will explore various styles and lengths, ensuring you make an informed choice that suits your desires.

Keep reading to find out how to treasure those precious memories in motion!

Key Takeaways

  • Wedding videos come in different lengths, but a highlights reel is typically 3-5 minutes long.
  • Longer documentary – style videos can last from 30 minutes to over an hour and show the whole day’s events.
  • The style of the video will affect how long it is—cinematic films are shorter while storytelling ones could be longer.
  • Key moments like the aisle walk, vows, first dance, and speeches should be included to capture the emotion of the day.
  • Expect to wait between 6 – 12 weeks after your wedding to get your video as editing takes time.

Understanding Wedding Video Length

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A wedding video captures your special day and lets you relive the moments anytime. The length of a wedding video can vary, but it usually sits between 30-60 minutes. This time frame lets you see all the important parts like the ceremony, first dance, cake cutting, and bouquet toss without feeling too long or too short.

Longer videos may include more details such as full speeches or every dance move at the reception. Shorter videos, like highlight reels or trailers that are just a few minutes long, give quick glimpses of the day’s best bits.

Your choice will depend on how much of the day you want to watch back and share with others. Remember to think about who will watch this video – is it for close family who might cherish those extra scenes or friends who’d enjoy just a snapshot?.

Different Styles and Their Impact on Video Length

A couple exchanging vows in a scenic outdoor wedding ceremony.

– Wedding videos can come in different styles, such as cinematic wedding films, documentary wedding videos, and storytelling wedding videos. Each style will have a varying impact on the overall length of the video.

Cinematic Wedding Film

A cinematic wedding film is like a short movie of your special day. It captures the magic with beautiful shots, music, and editing that feels like you’re watching a love story on the big screen.

These films are often just about 5 minutes long for smaller weddings but bring out all the joy and emotion in those few minutes. They focus on making you feel those big moments all over again.

Cinematic films use fancy camera work to make everything look extra nice. The bridal party, bridesmaids, and groomsmen might have cool slow-motion scenes or gorgeous shots from different angles.

Think of it as creating a movie trailer of your own love tale – packed with highlight moments from both your wedding ceremony and reception that you’ll want to watch again and again.

Documentary Wedding Video

Documentary wedding videos capture your special day as it happens. They’re like a movie of your entire wedding, from start to finish. These videos often last about 30 minutes but can vary with how long the ceremony and reception go on.

Think of them as telling the real story of your day, including all the laughter, tears, and dancing.

Videographers who make these types of movies use their skills to show every big moment. They focus on getting footage that feels true to life. You’ll see guests arriving, vows being said, and everyone celebrating at the party afterwards.

This style is great for couples who want to look back and remember everything just as it was.

Storytelling Wedding Video

Storytelling wedding videos are like your favourite film, filled with emotions and memories from your special day. These videos go beyond just showing what happened; they tell a story with creative shots and music that fits the mood.

They might mix clips from the ceremony, speeches at the reception, and even include voiceovers to really share the love story.

Each storytelling video is unique because it depends on what moments you want to capture. Some might be short like a highlight video whilst others could be longer to show more of your wedding day.

The length can change but what matters most is how it all comes together to remind you of the joy and love celebrated on that amazing day.

Key Highlights to Include in Your Wedding Video

Your wedding video should capture the magic of your big day. It’s essential to include moments that tell the story of your love and celebration. Here are some key highlights to feature:

  • Walk Down the Aisle: The moment you walk down the aisle is precious. This scene shows the emotion on your face and the faces of your loved ones.
  • Vows Exchange: Your promises to each other are the heart of the ceremony. Including this part shares the deep connection between you two.
  • First Kiss as a Married Couple: This kiss marks the start of your journey together. It’s a powerful symbol of love that deserves a spot in your video.
  • Reception Entrance: Your entrance at the reception sets the tone for the party. This highlight adds energy and excitement to your video.
  • First Dance: Sharing your first dance is an intimate moment. Capturing this gives a glimpse into your personal bond.
  • Speeches from Loved Ones: Words from those close to you add depth to your wedding story. These speeches often bring laughter and tears worth remembering.
  • Cake Cutting Ceremony: The cake cutting is a traditional moment filled with fun. It’s also great for showing off that beautiful cake!
  • Dance Moves on Display: Including scenes from the dance floor captures joy and celebration as everyone lets loose.
  • Send-off or Exit: Whether it’s sparklers or confetti, your grand exit is cinematic. It wraps up festivities with flair!

Common Video Lengths and What They Mean

Feature Film, Highlights, Full Speeches, Full Ceremony, and Teaser or Trailer are the most common video lengths for wedding videos. Each length serves a specific purpose and conveys different emotions and sentiments from the wedding day.

Feature Film

A wedding feature film takes the love story of a couple and turns it into a movie. It usually lasts between 60 to 120 minutes, giving enough time to cover all the big moments, from early morning preparations to the last dance.

This type of wedding video is like watching a real film that tells the tale over months or even years. It includes raw footage carefully edited to create a flow that feels natural and engaging.

Viewers get to see everything — laughs, tears, and dances — in rich detail.

The process for creating these films involves lots of planning, shooting, and editing by skilled videographers with an eye for cinematography. They craft each scene so guests who watch feel like they are there again or experiencing it for the first time if they missed it.

This long-form style can be perfect for couples who want every part remembered just as it happened. It’s their personal love story captured forever on screen.


Highlights are the sparkling bits of your wedding day, crafted into a short video. Usually running for 3-5 minutes, they capture the essence and emotion of the occasion. Picture it like a movie trailer; these clips give you a taste of the best moments without watching the whole film.

They’re perfect for sharing with friends and family or on social media where viewers expect quick, engaging content.

Think laughter, tears, dancing – all woven together to tell the story of your day in just a few minutes. This is not just any clip; it’s cleverly edited to music and includes key scenes that stand out.

The vows, first kiss as married partners, or that funny dance move by uncle Joe might all make an appearance. Highlights let you relive those special memories over and over again in no time at all!

Full Speeches

Full speeches capture heartfelt moments and emotional connections as family members and friends share their love and well wishes. These can range from the father of the bride’s touching toast to the best man’s hilarious anecdotes, creating a rich tapestry of memories.

Including these speeches in your wedding video adds depth and authenticity, allowing you to relive the warmth and sincerity of those special words for years to come.

It’s crucial to consider including full speeches in your wedding video if you value treasured emotions and personal stories. The authentic expressions shared during these moments enrich your video with genuine sentiment, making it a cherished keepsake that encapsulates the essence of your big day.

Full Ceremony

The full ceremony is a significant part of your wedding video. It typically includes the entire exchange of vows, readings, and any other rituals or traditions performed during the ceremony.

Capturing the full ceremony allows you to relive the heartfelt moments and emotions of your special day. The length of this segment can vary depending on cultural or religious customs, but it’s important to include key highlights such as the entrance, ring exchange, and pronouncement of marriage to encapsulate the essence of your union.

Depending on factors like venue restrictions and personal preferences, couples may choose to have their entire ceremony documented in their wedding video. This provides an opportunity to revisit every moment from that cherished occasion in years to come—allowing for a timeless keepsake that captures one of life’s most beautiful milestones.

Teaser or Trailer

Teaser trailers for weddings are typically short, running between one to three minutes in duration. They offer a sneak peek into the most memorable moments of the wedding day, creating anticipation and excitement for the full video.

By capturing essential highlights such as vows, first dance, and heartfelt exchanges, teaser trailers aim to entice viewers and generate curiosity about the complete wedding video.

These snippets provide a glimpse into the emotional essence of the event while building hype for the longer-form content. Through carefully selected shots and impactful editing, teaser trailers set the tone for what’s to come in the comprehensive wedding video experience.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Video Length

Consider who the video is for, where it will be viewed, and what expectations are in place. These factors can significantly impact the optimal length of your wedding video.

Who is the Video For?

The wedding video is mainly for the couple getting married. It captures the emotions and memories of their special day, allowing them to relive those moments for years to come. The style of the video can cater to the preferences of the couple, whether they want a cinematic, documentary, highlight, or short film style.

Additionally, factors such as where the video will be viewed and what they expect to see in it are essential considerations for deciding its length.

Where Will the Video be Viewed?

Consider where the video will be watched and by whom. Whether it’s on social media, a personal device, or a large screen at an event like a wedding reception, the viewing platform will influence how engaging and concise the video should be.

For example, if it’s for sharing on social media, a short and captivating teaser might be best to ensure maximum impact in a brief timeframe.

What Do You Expect to See in the Video?

When thinking about what you want to see in your wedding video, consider the moments that are most important to you and your partner. Do you want a thorough documentation of the entire day, from getting ready to saying “I do” and dancing at the reception? Or are you more interested in a highlight reel capturing the key emotional and fun moments? Think about whether you value seeing full speeches and ceremonial traditions, or if a shorter, more cinematic narrative would better suit your taste.

Video length can vary based on these preferences.

As for what is convenient – it’s best not too long so it doesn’t feel like watching an epic movie but not too short to leave out important memories. It should be just right – capturing all the special moments without feeling overwhelming or incomplete.

Anticipating the Wait for Your Wedding Videography

Once the wedding is over, you might be eager to relive those beautiful moments by watching your wedding videography. However, it’s important to anticipate the wait for your wedding videography as well as manage your expectations.

Here are some key points to consider:.

– The typical window for wedding video completion is between 6-12 weeks.

– The editing process can take upwards of a week of full-time work.

– Many videographers offer final film lengths ranging from 20-30 minutes.

– Depending on the videographer’s schedule, couples could be waiting anywhere from three to twelve weeks to receive their wedding video.

– On average, couples can expect to receive their complete collection of videos anywhere from four to 12 weeks post-wedding.


In conclusion, the length of a wedding video varies depending on your preferences and the style you choose. Whether it’s a cinematic film, documentary-style cut, or highlights version, communicate your desires clearly to the videographer.

Consider where and how you plan to share or watch the video when deciding on its duration. Ultimately, work closely with your videographer to create a personalised wedding video that perfectly captures your special day in a way that suits your vision.


1. How long does it typically take to get a wedding video ready?

It usually takes about 4-8 weeks for professionals to edit and deliver your wedding video, but this can change based on their schedule and the complexity of your film.

2. Can I request a shorter version, like a movie trailer, of my wedding video?

Absolutely! Many videographers offer a short highlight reel that captures the essence of your day in the style of a movie trailer – perfect for sharing with loved ones.

3. Is there anything I need to do regarding data protection when sharing my wedding video?

Indeed, you should always check with your videographer about data protection rules before sharing your wedding video online or in public spaces to make sure everyone’s privacy is respected.

4. What if I need my wedding video faster for a special occasion?

If you’re on a tight deadline, let your videographer know upfront; they might offer an expedited service for an extra fee to ensure you receive your video in time for that special viewing.

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