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How much does a wedding video editor cost?

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Finding out the cost of a wedding video editor can be tricky. Recent studies show that couples spend an average of $1,799 on videography. This article will guide you through the factors influencing editing costs, offering clarity and saving time.

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Key Takeaways

  • Wedding video editing costs can vary, with factors like the editor\\’s experience, type and size of video, and freelance or studio work all playing a part.
  • Beginner editors might charge around £20 per hour while top experts could ask for over £200 an hour. The price also depends if you want a short highlight reel or a feature-length film.
  • On average, couples spend about £1,799 on videography. For just the editing part, brief highlights can start from £500 while full-length films may cost up to £5,000 or more.
  • Freelance editors have flexible rates but typically range from £300 to £800 per day. Their hourly fees are about £41 for novices and between £55 to £80 for professionals.
  • Choosing an editor based on your budget and desired video style is important since it influences the final look of your wedding memories.

Understanding Wedding Video Editing

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Wedding video editing turns the raw footage from your big day into a beautiful story. It’s where all the clips shot by wedding videographers come together. Editors cut and combine scenes, add music, adjust colours, and make sure everything looks perfect.

They might create different types of videos like a quick highlight reel or a longer feature film.

This process takes skill and time. A good editor knows how to pick the best moments and put them in an order that feels right. They also understand what it means to share your memories on social media or keep them for years to come.

Professional wedding video editing can bring out emotions and tell your love story in ways that you’ll cherish forever.

The Difference Between Photography and Videography in Wedding Events

Newlyweds enjoying their first dance at a city wedding reception.

At wedding events, photography and videography serve different roles. Photographers capture still images that tell a story in moments. These pictures can be printed out or put into digital photo books.

Videographers record the full event on video. This way, couples can watch their special day over again, hearing the music and seeing everyone move.

Photography is often seen as a must-have at weddings. Many people think of hiring a photographer first. However, having a videographer can add something extra to remember your day by if you have the money for it.

The videos they make let you relive all the laughter and tears anytime you want.

Factors Affecting Wedding Video Editing Cost

The experience of the editor, size and type of project, and whether the editor is permanent or freelance can all impact the cost of wedding video editing. Want to learn more about how these factors influence pricing? Keep reading for detailed insights!

Experience of the Editor

An editor with lots of wedding video editing experience can ask for more money. They know how to pick the best clips to tell your story. A skilled editor uses things like final cut techniques and storyboards to make a beautiful video that feels just right.

Editors who are new might charge about $20 each hour. On the other hand, very good editors may cost up to $200 an hour or even more. Their work takes a lot of time because they look at all the footage you give them carefully.

Choosing someone with the right skills makes sure your wedding memories look amazing on screen.

Size and Type of Project

The size and type of your wedding video project matter a lot. A short highlight video is quick to make. It gives you fast, fun memories but costs less than a full-length film that takes more time.

If you want something fancy with music, special effects, and maybe even cartoons, be ready to spend more money.

Some couples prefer just a simple look back at their day. Others go for the higher-end stuff like feature videos that tell a complete story. These need lots of editing hours, so they cost more.

Remember, the number of edits and how long your footage is can change what you’ll pay in the end.

Permanent or Freelance Editor

You might choose a permanent video editor or go for a freelance professional. Permanent editors often work with studios and can offer packages, which may include other wedding services.

Freelance editors have more flexible schedules and could be less costly. They set their own prices, and these can vary widely depending on their skills.

Freelancers charge by the day or hour. On average, they might ask for $300 to $800 per day. If you want someone just starting out, they could charge about $41 per hour. More experienced freelancers might cost between $55 and $80 per hour for their editing magic.

So think about your budget and what kind of editing style you want for your wedding video when picking an editor.

General Pricing of Wedding Video Editing

The general pricing of wedding video editing can vary based on the type of video being edited. Highlight videos are usually less expensive than feature or full-length films, with prices ranging from £500 to £1500 for a highlight film and £1000 to £3000 for a feature film.

Full-length films, on the other hand, typically start at around £2000 and can go up to £5000 or more, depending on the complexity of the project and the experience of the editor.


Most couples want to remember their wedding day with beautiful videos. A ‘Highlight’ is a short video that shows the best parts of your big day. Think of it as a trailer for your wedding; it’s usually 3 to 5 minutes long and packed with love, laughter, and memorable moments.

Editors often add music, mix different scenes together, and make sure everything looks just right.

Every second matters in a highlight reel! Because they’re short, these videos need to grab attention fast. They are perfect for sharing on social media or showing friends who couldn’t come to the event.

With costs starting around $50 per hour for editing this type of video, you’d be looking at spending not too much money if you choose an experienced editor who works quickly and has a good eye for those magical moments that really tell the story of your special day.


– Feature packages give your wedding memories a cinematic touch. They are longer than highlights, showing your special day in great detail. Think of them like a short film where you and your partner are the stars.

Skilled editors work their magic to weave the laughter, tears, and joy into a story that flows beautifully. For this kind of edit, intermediate video editors might charge about $50 to $100 per hour – but for experts with top skills, prices can soar up to $80 an hour.

These pros use all sorts of clever tricks like colour grading and sound mixing to make your video stunning.

Your wedding is unique, and so should be its feature video! Editors take care in picking out the perfect moments for impact—those little glances or big smiles—and mix them with music that fits just right.

It’s not just pressing buttons; it’s artistry that brings out the best in your footage. The cost reflects those hours spent editing plus the high-end software tools they use to craft something truly amazing from raw videos—a treasure you’ll want to watch time and time again.

Full Length

The full-length wedding video is the most comprehensive and includes the entire event from start to finish. This type of video captures all the significant moments, such as the vows, speeches, and special dances.

Since it encompasses the complete occasion, it requires careful editing to ensure a cohesive and captivating flow. A skilled editor can seamlessly weave together various clips to create a compelling narrative that truly reflects the essence of the wedding day.

Additionally, this type of video often involves more intricate post-production work due to its extended duration, which may influence the overall cost.


In conclusion, the cost of a wedding video editor varies based on factors such as experience, project size, and whether they work freelance or for a company. Beginner editors may charge less than seasoned professionals.

The average price range for wedding video editing includes highlight, feature, and full-length videos. Understanding these factors can help you make an informed decision when budgeting for your wedding video editing needs.

To understand more about how photography and videography differ in a wedding context, please read our detailed guide here.


1. What’s the average cost for a wedding video editor?

You might expect to pay different prices, but a wedding video editor often charges between £200 and £500. The cost can go up if you wish for more advanced editing or effects.

2. Can I hire a freelance wedding video editor to save money?

Yes, hiring a freelancer is possible and could reduce costs – many offer competitive rates starting from around £150, depending on their skills and experience.

3. Will adding special effects to my wedding video increase the price?

Special effects require extra work, so they usually add to the total cost of your video editing. Editors may charge more when these are requested.

4. How long does it take for an editor to complete a wedding video?

The time needed varies; some editors can finish in just a few days while others might take weeks. It all depends on how complex your project is and their workload.

5. Why should I consider a professional instead of DIY editing for my wedding video?

Professionals bring experience with software and storytelling techniques that help make your memories shine! They know about lighting, colouring, sound mixing – everything needed for an incredible final product!

6. Do editors only work with footage shot professionally or can they edit smartphone videos too?

Most editors are quite flexible and able to work with different types of footage including those taken by smartphones – technology today makes this entirely possible!

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