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How long should wedding video take?

A bride and groom exchange vows at an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Deciding on the perfect length for your wedding video can be puzzling. Did you know the ideal duration is often between 30-60 minutes? Our article will guide you through understanding various styles and durations to make sure your special day is captured just right.

Keep reading to discover how to treasure every moment without missing a beat.

Key Takeaways

  • The best length for a wedding video is usually 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Styles like highlights are short, around 3 to 5 minutes, while full documentaries can be over an hour.
  • Your video’s length will depend on what moments you choose to include, such as the ceremony or speeches.
  • Expect to wait 6 to 12 weeks after your wedding to get your video from the videographer.
  • Talk with your videographer about how long you want your video so it shows your story just right.

Understanding Wedding Video Lengths

A bride and groom sharing a romantic moment in a scenic outdoor wedding setting.

Wedding video lengths can vary, with the average duration influenced by factors such as style and content. From highlights to full-length films, the length of your wedding video will be determined by the narrative you want to convey and the key moments you wish to capture.

Average Length of Wedding Videos

Understanding the typical duration of a wedding video is vital for setting expectations. The average length varies based on several factors, but general trends do emerge. Let’s explore these in detail.

Video Type Average Length Notes
Highlights 3-5 minutes Condensed recap of the day’s best moments
Short Film 10-20 minutes More in-depth than highlights; less than full documentary
Documentary 30-60 minutes Comprehensive coverage, often including prep, ceremony, and reception
Cinematic Varies Artistic, stylised; length is bespoke to the storytelling

Styles dictate duration, with highlights and short films being succinct. Documentary and cinematic videos lean towards longer playtimes. Each offers a unique window into the special day. Choose according to personal taste and the story you wish to tell through your video.

Video Length Based on Style

The length of a wedding video often reflects the couple’s unique style and their videographer’s artistic approach. Below is a table showcasing how different styles can influence the duration of a wedding film.

Style Description Average Length
Cinematic This style mimics the storytelling aspect of movies, often using music, tight editing, and effects for a dramatic result. 15-25 minutes
Documentary A chronological capture of the day‘s events, with a focus on authenticity and comprehensive coverage. 1+ hour(s)
Highlights Condensed version of the wedding, focusing on the most memorable moments and emotions. 3-10 minutes
Feature Film Longer than a highlight reel but shorter than a documentary, it balances narrative storytelling with significant moments. 20-50 minutes
Teaser or Trailer A glimpse into the wedding, intended to build excitement and anticipation for the full video. 1-3 minutes
Full Ceremony An uncut version of the marriage rites, capturing every word and ritual in its entirety. Varies based on ceremony length
Full Speeches Complete recordings of toasts and speeches, preserving every anecdote and message. Depends on the number and length of speeches

Couples might choose a blend of these styles, which can affect the final length of their wedding video. The videographer’s creative process plays a crucial role, distilling hours of footage into a polished piece that captures the essence of the day. Remember, the duration is also significantly influenced by the couple’s desires and the narrative they wish to convey through their wedding film.

Crucial Elements to Include in Your Wedding Video

A stunning wedding venue at sunset with a bustling atmosphere.

Your wedding video is like a time capsule. It holds memories you’ll want to look at over and over again. Here are some key things you should include:

  • Footage of the bride and groom getting ready. These moments before the wedding are full of excitement and nerves.
  • The first look, if you have one. This is when the couple sees each other all dressed up for the first time on their big day.
  • Vows and ring exchanges during the ceremony. These words are the heart of your marriage promise.
  • First dance as a married couple. This special dance is often filled with love and emotion.
  • Speeches from loved ones. They share stories, jokes, and well-wishes that add a personal touch to your video.
  • Bouquet toss and cake cutting. These fun traditions show everyone having a good time.
  • Bridal party shots with bridesmaids and groomsmen can be playful or formal but always capture your closest friends in celebration mode.

Different Types of Wedding Film Terminology

Different Types of Wedding Film Terminology cover a range of styles and formats, including feature films, highlight reels, full speeches, full ceremony footage, and teaser trailers.

Each type serves a specific purpose in capturing the essence of your wedding day.

Feature Film

A wedding feature film is a special kind of movie. It tells the story of your big day from start to finish and usually lasts about 40 to 60 minutes. This video captures all the important moments, like when you say “I do,” your first dance, and the fun at the reception.

Creative editing makes sure every part of your wedding is shown in a way that feels just right.

Videographers work hard to craft this film so it reflects your unique love story. They use skills in cinematography to pick out little details and big emotions. The final film is not just a bunch of clips; it’s a carefully made tale that lets you relive your wedding in full colour and joy whenever you want.


Highlights videos are like the best parts of a movie trailer. They capture your wedding’s most special moments and wrap them up into a short film, usually between 3 to 5 minutes long.

This style is great for sharing online with friends or to quickly relive your big day without watching hours of footage.

Your highlights film will show laughter, tears, and love in a fast-paced way that holds everyone’s attention. Expect it to jump from one awesome moment to the next, often set to music that fits your style! It may not tell your story in chronological order but will give viewers all the feels of being there.

Full Speeches

Full speeches are a big part of wedding videos. Many couples want to remember every word said during their special day. Videographers often offer this as part of their packages, so you can watch and listen to the full speeches later on.

They make sure these moments are captured from start to finish.

Editing these parts takes skill. Imagine trying to keep the speech’s feeling while making it fit into your video! This is why having an expert is important. They know how to weave these words into your film beautifully, keeping all those precious emotions intact for years to come.

Full Ceremony

A full ceremony video captures every single moment from your special day. It includes the walk down the aisle, vows, ring exchange, and even the first kiss as a married couple. This type of wedding video usually lasts as long as your actual ceremony does.

Think of it like your favourite movie; you get to see the entire story unfold from start to finish.

Videographers work carefully to make sure none of these precious moments are missed. They record all the emotions and details so you can relive them anytime. You might see guests arriving, hear background music, and watch yourselves saying “I do.” Unlike highlight videos or teasers that offer only bits and pieces, a full ceremony film lets you experience everything all over again just as it happened.

Teaser or Trailer

When it comes to wedding videography, a teaser or trailer is a brief yet captivating glimpse into the magic of your special day. Typically running between 30 seconds to a minute in length, these snippets offer an enticing preview of the full wedding film.

They are designed to stir up excitement and anticipation among viewers by showcasing some of the most memorable and cherished moments from the ceremony and reception. With careful editing and skillful use of poignant scenes, music, and emotion-evoking shots, a well-crafted teaser or trailer can encapsulate the essence of your wedding day in a shareable format that leaves an indelible impression.

Crafting an engaging teaser or trailer involves leveraging storytelling techniques combined with aesthetically pleasing visuals to convey the emotions and significance of the event succinctly.

Why is My Wedding Film Short Despite Long Hours of Videography?

Wedding films may seem short despite long hours of videography due to the editing process. While several hours of footage are recorded during the wedding, not all raw footage makes it into the final film.

Skilled video editors meticulously select and piece together the most compelling moments to create a concise and captivating wedding video. Additionally, modern trends lean towards shorter wedding films as they are more engaging and easier to share with family and friends.

When filming for extended hours at a wedding, it’s important to remember that longer videos aren’t always more popular. Shorter wedding films are in high demand because viewers often prefer watching these concise yet emotionally impactful videos over longer ones.

Therefore, despite investing significant time in videography during a wedding, understanding that brevity can enhance the emotional impact and viewing experience is crucial for delivering an exceptional end product.

Anticipating the Timeline: How Long to Wait for Your Wedding Videography

When it comes to the timeline for receiving your wedding videography, most videographers aim to deliver the final video within 6-12 weeks of the wedding date. However, this can vary depending on the videographer and their workload.

It’s not uncommon for the editing process alone to take just under a month to complete, and some may have a contractual obligation to deliver the video within 8 weeks. Despite long hours of filming, most wedding videos are just a few minutes long, but they can also be several hours long based on the style and preferences of the couple.

Videographers typically work tirelessly to ensure that your wedding film is finished within this window, providing you with a beautiful keepsake of your special day while allowing them enough time for meticulous editing and production.


In conclusion, determining the ideal length for your wedding video depends on various factors like ceremony duration and personal preferences. Communicating with your videographer about your desired length is crucial to ensure the final product meets your expectations.

Remember, a well-crafted wedding video can be a treasured keepsake that captures the essence of your special day. So take time to discuss and plan with your videographer for a video that perfectly encapsulates your unique love story.


1. What’s a good length for a wedding video?

A wedding video is best kept sweet and memorable—think of it like a movie trailer for your special day! For micro weddings, a shorter video works well, while larger wedding receptions might inspire slightly longer films to capture all the joyous moments.

2. How long does editing a wedding video usually take?

Crafting that perfect wedding film takes time and care. Video editing can vary but typically it spans from several weeks up to a few months. Editors pay attention to detail, ensuring every smile and dance move shines through!

3. Should I worry about data protection with my wedding video?

Absolutely, your memories are precious! Reliable videographers will handle your personal moments with respect, making sure that data protection rules are followed so you can relive your day without any worries.

4. Can I share my wedding video online with friends?

Sharing love is beautiful—and yes, you can spread the joy of your big day by sharing your edited masterpiece online! Just make sure everyone featured in it gives their happy nod of approval first.

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