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Is wedding videography worth it?

A bride and groom exchanging their wedding vows at sunset.

Deciding to have a wedding videographer on your special day is a big choice. Many couples wonder if the expense of capturing their love story in motion truly pays off. This article will delve into the pros and cons, shedding light on whether professional videography justifies its place in your wedding budget.

Discover how this decision can impact your memories for years to come—let’s find out together.

Key Takeaways

  • Wedding videography captures your big day in a way photos can’t, with sounds and movement.
  • Professional videos are an extra cost but they help save memories for the future.
  • Some people find camera crews too much and choose to film their own weddings to save money.

Is Wedding Videography a Necessity or Luxury?

A newlywed couple laugh and dance at their city wedding reception.

Wedding videography captures all the laughs, tears and joy of your special day. You can watch it over and over for years to come. Some people think a wedding film is just something extra, but others feel like their big day wouldn’t be complete without it.

The choice depends on what matters most to you at your wedding. If hearing vows again or seeing friends dance makes your heart happy, then a video might be worth every penny. Not everyone will go for a full-blown movie; some might prefer just photos.

But if you want to catch all those feelings and voices that photos can’t get, hiring a professional videographer could make all the difference.

Reasons Against Hiring a Wedding Videographer

A bride and groom considering wedding videography options on a laptop.

While wedding videography can be a beautiful way to capture your special day, there are some reasons why you might choose not to hire a professional. From the cost to concerns about intrusion and the availability of self-filming options, it’s important to consider these factors before making a decision.


Hiring a wedding videographer can cost quite a bit. Couples may find their budgets stretched as prices for these skilled pros start around $2,500 and can soar up to $10,000 or more.

This isn’t just because of the person holding the camera—the gear they use is top-notch and pricey too. They’ve got cameras, tripods, drones for aerial shots, and fancy editing software that all add up.

These experts spend hours making sure every laugh, tear, and dance move looks perfect on film. Editing takes time—a lot of it—and this effort shows in what you pay them. It’s not just about capturing your big day; it’s about crafting a story that you’ll watch over and over again.

For many couples planning their wedding day details, deciding on whether to invest in wedding videography is tough with all these costs to consider.


Some people find wedding videographers too much. They think the cameras and lights take away from their special moments. The idea of being filmed all day makes them uneasy. Imagine trying to have a good time, but feeling self-conscious because someone with a camera is always near.

For others, it’s about keeping their wedding ceremony private and not feeling like they are on a show. They want to share their vows without worrying about how they look on video. If guests know they are being recorded, they might not act naturally.

This can change how everyone enjoys the day.

Self-filming options

You can save money by filming your own wedding. Couples grab cameras or phones to capture their special day without paying a professional. This choice lets you keep control of your memories and add a personal touch.

Your video style is in your hands — relaxed, fun, or sweet.

Self-filming needs time and effort but cuts down costs. Many bridesmaids or relatives are happy to help film the big moments like vows or dances. With everyone’s clips, you make a unique and heartfelt movie of your day.

Plus, this way feels real and not too fancy, perfect for couples who want their wedding video to be just like them—casual and genuine!

Reasons for Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Capture the in-between moments, emotional exchanges, and candid reactions that often go unnoticed during a wedding day – immerse yourself in the magic of reliving these precious memories.

Read on to discover why wedding videography is an invaluable addition to your special day.

Capturing missed moments

Your wedding day can rush by in a blur of joy and celebration. It’s easy to miss the little things like a tear sliding down your father’s cheek or your friends laughing in a corner.

A wedding videographer is there to catch these fleeting moments. They roam around, capturing every chuckle, whisper, and dance move that makes your day unique.

Imagine watching your video years later and seeing all the bits you missed—a hug from an old friend, kids playing, or grandad’s funky dance moves. These are memories that become priceless over time.

Having someone skilled with a camera means even when you’re busy elsewhere, nothing gets forgotten.

Experience voices, vows, and movement

A wedding video brings to life the emotions of your special day. It captures each laugh, whisper and song in a way photos can’t. Imagine watching your vows years later and hearing the quiver in your voice, seeing tears well up in your partner’s eyes.

These are moments a still image just can’t hold.

Videographers have skills to record these precious times without being noticed. They use their cameras to catch you moving through the crowd or twirling on the dance floor with grace.

Every cheer from guests, every note from the first dance song – all get saved forever in motion and sound. This isn’t just a retelling; it’s reliving your celebration anytime you wish.

Share with friends, relatives, future generations

Wedding videos hold special magic. They let you share every laugh, tear, and dance move with people who couldn’t make it to your big day. Imagine showing your grandkids how grandma tossed the bouquet or watching friends cheer through a screen from miles away.

Even for a destination wedding, no one is too far to feel close again.

Life moves fast and memories fade, but your wedding video lasts forever. It’s like a time capsule that captures loved ones as they are now – full of life and love for you both. Years down the line, this video becomes priceless as it brings back voices and faces in motion, not just still pictures stuck in time.

Seeing the wedding from a different perspective

Wedding videography offers a unique opportunity to see the special day from an entirely different viewpoint. While photos freeze moments in time, videos capture movement, sounds, and emotions that tell a more complete story of the wedding day.

This immersive experience allows couples to relive their vows, laughter, and tears as if they were happening all over again – adding depth and richness to their precious memories.

Moreover, professional wedding videographers bring an artistic eye to the event, providing a distinct cinematic perspective that elevates the overall wedding narrative – creating a visual masterpiece full of emotional nuances and intricate details for future generations to cherish.

Understanding Wedding Videography Costs

The average cost of hiring a professional wedding videographer ranges from $1,500 to $2,500. However, some videographers may charge anywhere between $2,500 to even upwards of $10,000 depending on their experience and the services they offer.

Although these costs might seem high in comparison to other wedding expenses like catering and venue rental, it’s important to consider the value you receive for the money spent. The expenses associated with running a videography business are significant factors contributing to the seemingly high prices.

Therefore, when considering wedding videography costs, it’s essential to weigh what is included in the package against the price range.

What you can get for your investment varies widely across different providers within this market segment. It’s crucial not only to compare price points but also what each vendor offers in their package – whether that be additional features such as drone footage or extended hours of filming.

Understanding how these elements correlate with cost is vital before making any decisions about which option will best suit your needs and budget when looking at potential candidates for capturing your special day on film.

The Value of Wedding Videography Over Time

Wedding videography is an investment, providing insurance to relive your special day. The cost of a wedding videographer is relatively low compared to the average length of a UK marriage.

– A wedding video captures timeless moments that you can revisit.

– Unlike photos, videos bring motion and sounds, allowing you to experience voices, laughter, and emotions.

– Share your wedding video with friends and family far into the future.

– Over time, memories fade; having a visual record keeps them alive.


In conclusion, hiring a wedding videographer can preserve priceless memories and emotions that photos alone cannot capture. It is an investment in reliving one of life’s most precious moments.

While some may perceive it as an added expense, the long-term value and emotional resonance often outweigh the initial cost. Ultimately, a well-crafted wedding film has the power to transport you back to your special day, allowing you to experience the love, joy, and intimacy again and again.

Discover more about capturing your special day by exploring the costs of professional photography and videography.


1. Why should I consider a wedding videographer when planning my wedding?

A wedding videographer captures the essence of your big day in motion, from tears to laughter – moments that still photos might miss. They create a lasting memory that lets you relive the feelings and emotions, making them an essential part of wedding planning.

2. What’s so special about having both video and photos for my wedding?

Having both a video and photos gives you a fuller picture of your special day. Video catches those emotional moments like vows and speeches, bringing them to life in a way photos alone can’t. It complements the work of your wedding photographer, giving you different ways to remember your celebration.

3. Can’t I just have friends or family film my wedding?

While loved ones can capture footage, professional wedding vendors have the expertise and equipment needed for high-quality results that do justice to such an important event. They ensure nothing gets missed and give you polished memories well worth investing in.

4. Will hiring a videographer take away from our photography budget?

It’s all about balance with your overall budget; though hiring both may seem costly at first glance, many couples find value in allocating funds for each service – this ensures every poignant moment is preserved perfectly across video and stills to cherish forever.

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