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How much does photography cost per hour in South Africa?

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Finding the right price for photography services in South Africa can be tricky. Did you know that professional photographers can earn from R1000 per hour? This blog unpacks various photography rates to help you budget wisely, whether it’s for a wedding or product shoot.

Dive in to discover how much capturing moments might cost you!

Key Takeaways

  • Professional photography in South Africa starts at about R1000 per hour, with prices going up for more experienced photographers.
  • Event and corporate photography can cost around R1700 to R2500 per hour, while product photography may start from R2000 an hour.
  • For special services like wedding videography or lifestyle photos, the costs can be much higher, potentially reaching up to $1000.
  • Prices don’t always include travel expenses, so if a photographer needs to go far for the job, it might cost more.
  • Different photo sessions take different amounts of time; weddings usually need 6 to 12 hours, while portrait shoots might only need 1 to 2 hours.

Overview of Photography Rates in South Africa

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Photography rates in South Africa vary depending on the type of photography service being offered. From event and corporate photography to product and lifestyle photography, there is a wide range of hourly rates for professional photographers in the country.

Event Photography

Event photography captures the special moments at gatherings like parties and reunions. Photographers in Cape Town charge by the hour, starting from around R 1700 for an event. This type of photography creates memories that last forever.

People love to share these pictures on social media or keep them in family albums.

Prices can be higher if you want a top professional. They might ask for about $220 per hour or offer a deal for 2 hours at $400-$600. The cost depends on what you need – the number of photos, how long they spend at your event, and if they have to travel far.

Always talk to your photographer about everything included in their price before you book them!

Corporate/Commercial photography

Corporate and commercial photography in South Africa can include many different types of photos, like headshots, pictures of products, and photos from business events. If you need a photographer for these kinds of jobs in Gauteng, they will offer services that cover everything from snapping professional headshots to filming conferences.

Prices can vary quite a bit depending on what you want. For example, studio shoots can cost between R1500 to R2500 per hour.

Photographers who work on corporate events might ask for about $220 per hour or maybe $400-$600 for something like a 2-hour shoot. These costs don’t include travel expenses which might be added if the photographer has to go far for the job.

So keep in mind your location and exactly what kind of photographs you need can change the price when planning your budget for corporate photography needs.

Product Photography

Product photos help sell things online. In South Africa, if you want great pictures of your products, expect to pay around R2000 an hour for a pro to take them in a studio. These pros know how to make your items look their best with the right light and angles.

Some studios might offer a whole day for R1200 or charge by each picture, from $35 up to $170.

For special shots that tell a story about your product, like in lifestyle photography, the price can jump—a single photo could cost as much as $1000. But these photos can make people really want what you’re selling because they show your item in real life.

Good product photography makes everything more tempting and can mean better sales for you.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is all about capturing real-life events or milestones in an artistic way. This could be family gatherings, everyday moments, or special occasions. In South Africa, hiring a professional for this type of work might cost you up to $1000.

The price depends on how long the shoot will last and what equipment they need to use.

Photographers consider many things when setting prices for lifestyle sessions. They look at taxes, the duration of the photo shoot, and what kind of photos you want them to take. If you want beautiful pictures that tell a story about your life or family, it’s worth thinking about these costs as part of your plan.

Additional Considerations for Photography Services

A bride and groom exchanging vows at a beautiful outdoor wedding altar.

Consider the specific time required for services such as wedding videography, as these may require a longer duration and more intricate planning than other photography services. Ready to dive deeper into understanding the cost of photography in South Africa? Keep reading to explore all aspects of photography rates in this diverse country.

Time Required for Specific Photography Services (such as Wedding Videography)

Knowing how long photography services like wedding videography take is key. Different types of shoots need different amounts of time. Here’s a look at what to expect:

  • Wedding Photography: Most photographers offer packages ranging from 6 to 12 hours. This gives them enough time to capture all the special moments, from getting ready to the last dance.
  • Edited Photos: A typical package includes 250-500 edited pictures. It takes time to make each photo look perfect.
  • Extra Hours: If your day runs longer, you can usually add more hours for an added cost. Think about this if you have lots going on.
  • Ceremony Coverage: Filming the ceremony alone can often be charged by the hour. This means you pay for exactly how much time you need.
  • Travel Costs: Getting to different locations isn’t included in the hourly rate. You might need to pay extra if your photographer has to travel far.
  • Portrait Photography: Shorter than weddings, these sessions can be about 1-2 hours long. This is great for family or solo pictures.


Photography prices in South Africa change based on what you need. Hourly rates start around R1000 for professional photographers. Costs can soar when choosing special services like wedding photography.

Remember, experience and the type of shoot will affect the price too. Choose wisely to capture those priceless moments without breaking the bank!


[Article 2 Title]: Understanding Photography Hourly Rates in South Africa

[Article 2 Language]: British English

1. What’s the typical hourly rate for a photographer in South Africa?

Photographers in South Africa generally charge varying rates based on their experience and the type of photography you need. However, average costs can range from R500 to over R2000 per hour.

2. Does the location affect how much photographers charge per hour?

Indeed, location plays a part—photographers might set higher prices in big cities like Johannesburg or Cape Town due to increased demand and operational costs.

3. Are there extra fees I should expect besides the hourly rate for photography?

Absolutely, photographers may bill additional expenses such as travel costs, editing time, or special equipment hire outside of their standard hourly rate.

4. How can I find out exactly how much a photography session will cost me?

To get an accurate price for your needs, it’s best to discuss with several photographers directly; they’ll provide quotes reflecting the duration of the shoot and any other specific requirements you have.

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