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How much is a 1 hour photoshoot?

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Deciding on the cost of a photoshoot can be puzzling, especially when trying to budget for those special moments. Professional photographers often have rates starting from $75 to $250 for just an hour’s session.

Our blog will guide you through understanding pricing, what influences it, and how to get the best value for your memorable snaps. Find out more—keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of a 1 – hour photoshoot can be between $50 and $600, with prices varying by the photographer’s experience and where the shoot happens.
  • Extra charges may apply for things like travel time, number of photos, editing, or special equipment needed.
  • Professional photographers often have higher rates because they offer better skills and results. They might also charge extra for their editing time after the shoot.

Overview of Photography Pricing

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Professional photographers typically determine their pricing based on a variety of factors such as their expertise, location, equipment and the specific services offered. Understanding these elements can help in gauging how much a 1-hour photoshoot might cost.

Factors affecting the cost

Taking photos can be more than just a click of a camera. The price you pay for a photoshoot depends on several things. Let’s dive into what makes up the cost.

  • Photographer’s Experience: A photographer with lots of experience usually charges more. They have good skills and often take better pictures than someone who is just starting.
  • Location: Where your photoshoot happens can change the price. If it’s in a city like Cape Town, it might cost more because things there are generally more costly.
  • Travel Time: Photographers may ask for extra money if they need to travel far to get to the photoshoot spot.
  • Length of Shoot: Longer shoots will cost more. Some photographers offer deals for one hour, but two hours will be pricier.
  • Type of Photography: Taking pictures at events or weddings can be more expensive than simple portrait photography. Wedding photographers put in a lot of effort to capture special moments.
  • Editing Photos: After taking pictures, the photographer works on them to make them look great. This image editing takes time and skill, so it adds to the cost.
  • Number of Photos and Resolution: You might want lots of edited photos or high-resolution images that are big and clear. More and bigger pictures can mean higher prices.
  • Special Equipment or Assistants Needed: Sometimes photographers need special cameras or lenses, which can raise the price. If they need another person to help them, this will also add to your bill.

Average Cost of a 1-Hour Photoshoot

A photographer and client discussing pricing in a studio for portrait photography.

The average cost of a 1-hour photoshoot varies depending on the location and the experience level of the photographer. To understand the pricing in more detail, keep reading to find out how these factors can affect what you pay for your photo session.

Variations by location and photographer’s experience

Understanding the financial implications of a photoshoot requires us to explore the variations in cost that can be influenced by the location and the photographer’s experience. Different regions command different rates and the depth of a photographer’s portfolio often correlates with their pricing structures.

Below is a table that encapsulates these variations:

Location Experience Level Cost Range for 1-Hour Photoshoot
Urban/City Centre Novice $100 – $200
Urban/City Centre Professional $300 – $500
Suburban Area Novice $75 – $150
Suburban Area Professional $250 – $400
Rural/Small Town Novice $50 – $100
Rural/Small Town Professional $200 – $350
Specialised (e.g., Real Estate) Professional $150 – $500
Corporate Events Professional $220 – $600

These figures are indicative, with actual rates potentially differing based on specific requirements, market demand, and individual photographer’s policies. It’s noteworthy that professional photographers, due to their expertise and reputation, command higher fees compared to those who are new to the field. However, regardless of experience, each photographer aims to deliver value commensurate with their charges, ensuring clients receive a satisfactory return on their investment in capturing memories or promoting their brands.

Additional Costs Involved in a Photoshoot

When budgeting for a photoshoot, it’s important to consider additional costs such as post-processing fees, print ad placements, and digital copies of the images. Understanding these potential expenses can help you plan more effectively and avoid any surprises down the road.

Understanding the Earnings Potential of Photographers

Photographers make money in different ways. Many charge by the hour with rates ranging from $75 to $250, depending on their skills and experience. They might also set a price for each photo they take, which can be between $75 and $350.

The more they know and the better their photos, the more they can ask for.

For big jobs like ads or company pictures, photographers often use hourly fees to figure out how much to charge. They multiply the time spent taking pictures by their hourly rate. This helps them get paid fairly for all their work including when they edit the photos later on.

Good photographers are not just taking pictures; they spend lots of time making each photo look its best after the shoot is done.


To sum up, the cost of a 1-hour photoshoot varies. It can change based on where you are and how skilled the photographer is. Remember to think about extra costs like editing when budgeting for your pictures.

Always check what’s included in the price before you book. In the end, picking someone who matches both your needs and your wallet is key!


1. What’s the usual cost for a 1-hour photoshoot?

Prices for a 1-hour photoshoot can vary widely; it depends on what type you need—wedding, event, or product photography. Freelance photographers might offer flat rates or charge by the project.

2. Can I find affordable photography options on places like

Sure! You may discover photographers who provide their services through online platforms like at different price points that could suit your budget and needs.

3. Do professional photographers only work with big companies?

Not at all—many commercial photographers are sole proprietors running their own business; they cater to a broad range of clients, from large firms to individuals needing social media content.

4. Will digital photos be included in my photoshoot package?

Most likely, yes. Nowadays, digital photos are typically part of the package when you book a photo session with any photographer because everyone uses smartphones and the internet to share images.

5. Are there extra costs I should know about when hiring a photographer?

Remember that freelance and commercial photographers have expenses like marketing, equipment, and sometimes staff salaries—you might see these reflected in their pricing menus.

6. How do payment methods affect photography fees for a single hour shoot?

Photographers often accept various cards such as Visa, MasterCard, or Amex—and don’t forget that prices may include income tax within the UK as well.

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