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How much is a 1 hour photoshoot?

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Deciding on spending for a photoshoot can be like finding your way through a maze of prices and packages. Did you know professional photographers might charge anything from $75 to $250 for just one hour? I’ll guide you through the cost factors and show you how to get the best snap for your quid.

Let’s dive in—it’s simpler than it looks!

Key Takeaways

  • A professional photographer may charge from £75 to £250 for a one – hour photoshoot.
  • The cost can depend on the experience, event type, location, editing time, and number of photos wanted.
  • Special equipment or high – quality images needed for print ads can raise the price of a shoot.
  • Costs might vary with time of year, like during holidays or graduation season when demand is high.
  • In different places around the world, photographers earn various amounts. For example, in South Africa general photography might cost roughly £22 per hour while in the USA corporate event photography ranges from £220 to £300 per hour.

Overview of Photoshoot Costs

A professional photographer setting up a studio for portrait photography.

Professional photographers can typically charge between $75 to $250 per hour for a 1-hour photoshoot, with various factors influencing the final price. The cost may vary based on the photographer’s skill level, location, number of images included, and any additional services offered.

Factors Influencing the Price

  • Photographer’s Experience: A photographer with lots of skill might cost more. They know how to take amazing pictures because they’ve done it for years.
  • Event Type: Different events, like weddings or product shoots, can have different prices. Wedding photography usually costs more because it’s a very special day and takes more work.
  • Location: Where the shoot happens affects the price too. If it’s far away or a fancy place, the photographer may charge extra to cover travel or fees for the location.
  • Editing Time: After taking pictures, photographers often make them look even better by editing them. This extra work can mean higher costs.
  • Special Equipment: Sometimes photographers need special cameras or lenses to get the best shot. Using this gear can add to the shoot’s price.
  • Number of Photos: If you want lots of pictures, you may pay more. More photos mean more time snapping and editing them.
  • Image Quality: Getting very clear, high-resolution images is important for print adverts or big posters. Creating these top-quality pictures might cost more.
  • Digital Copies vs Prints: You might just want digital photos sent to your email or higher-priced printed copies to hang up at home.
  • Time of Year: During busy times like holidays or graduation season, photographers might charge more because so many people want photos then.

Average Rates for a 1-hour Photoshoot

Delving into the world of photography pricing, it’s evident that a myriad of factors dictates the cost of a 1-hour photoshoot. Rates fluctuate widely, influenced by the photographer’s experience, the type of photography, and the shoot location. Below, an outline of average rates provides a clearer picture of the expected financial investment for clients seeking professional photography services.

Photoshoot Type Average Cost
General Photography $150 – $500 per hour
Commercial Photography (General Rate) $50 – $100 per hour
Commercial Photography (Higher-end) Approx. $200 per hour
Studio Shoot (Still Images) $150 per hour
Studio Shoot (360 Images) $200 per hour
Student Photographers $50 – $100 per hour

Clients should anticipate a diverse range of quotes, as photographers balance their artistic skills with business acumen. The table encapsulates the financial landscape across different photography specializations, aiding potential clients in budgeting for their shoots. Photographers, on the other hand, may use this information to competitively price their services within the industry standards.

Earning Potential for Photographers in Different Regions

A group of professional photographers discussing rates in a modern urban setting.

The earning potential for photographers fluctuates widely across different global regions, subject to local demand, cost of living, and the saturation of the market. Let’s examine how photographers fare financially in various areas.

Region Type of Photography Average Hourly Rate
South Africa General Photography R357.26 (~$22 USD)
United States Corporate Event Photography $220 – $300 per hour
Global (National Geographic) Editorial Photography $500 per day
Varies Portrait Photography $150 – $500 per session
Global Professional Photography $100 – $500 per hour
Assistants/Second Shooters Supportive Role $25 – $100 per hour
Experienced Photographers Various Specialisations $250 – $500 per hour

Photographer earnings hinge on multiple factors, with geography playing a critical role. Their expertise level and chosen niche also greatly influence the rates they can command. Whether capturing corporate functions in urban epicenters of the United States or joining the ranks of prestigious publications like National Geographic, photographers adapt their pricing to reflect both their skillset and the economic landscape of their region. This diversification illustrates the dynamic nature of photography as a profession.


Wrapping up, a 1-hour photoshoot can cost between $75 and $250, sometimes more. Prices change based on where you are, who takes your pictures, and what kind of photos you want. Remember to check what’s included.

Images might be edited or given to you straight away. Decide what works for your budget and needs!


1. What factors determine the cost of a 1-hour photoshoot?

Several things can change how much you pay for a one-hour photoshoot. It could be different if you hire a wedding photographer, compared to hiring someone for product photography. The experience of the photographer and what’s included, like image editing or social media-ready photos, also affect the price.

2. Do photographers charge a flat rate for a one-hour session?

Yes, some photographers might have flat rates or fees that they ask for each hour. This usually covers their time and basic photo editing but check with them as every photographer has different options on their menu of services.

3. Will I get all my photos retouched after my one-hour shoot?

Not always! Photographers often give you some retouched pictures in your package. If you want more edited images, it could cost extra so make sure to ask about what’s included before your shoot.

4. Can I find budget-friendly options for photography on the internet?

Absolutely! Websites like let freelance photographers offer deals which might suit your pocket better than commercial photographers who work alone (sole proprietors) and need to cover their expenses like income taxes in the UK.

5. Should I consider a new photographer using just their smartphone?

Sure thing! Some new photographers take great pictures with smartphones and may offer cheaper rates since they don’t have big costs yet from things like salaries or business coaching fees.

6. How can payment methods impact my overall cost for booking a photoshoot?

Be aware that how you pay can sometimes add little charges to your bill – credit cards like Visa, MasterCard or AMEX might come with small fees where cash doesn’t bring any extra costs at all.

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