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How much does a wedding video editor cost?

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Deciding on the right budget for your wedding video edit can be tricky. Recent studies reveal that couples typically spend around $2,100 on wedding videography. Our article demystifies the costs associated with professional wedding video editing, guiding you through what to expect and how to allocate funds effectively.

Discover smart spending for everlasting memories….

Key Takeaways

  • Wedding video editing costs can range from $500 to $12,000. The price depends on the editor’s experience and if they work freelance or full-time.
  • There are different types of wedding videos like Highlight, Feature, and Full Length. These vary in length and detail affecting how much they cost.
  • Adding special touches like drone footage or animated intros will increase the cost of your wedding video edit.
  • Freelance editors might charge daily rates from $300 to $800. In contrast, full – time editors have regular salaries that may be more expensive over time.
  • Couples usually spend about $2,100 on their wedding videography overall.

Understanding Wedding Video Editing

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Wedding video editing turns the raw footage from your special day into a beautiful story. An editor watches all the clips, picks out key moments, and pieces them together. They add music, effects, and maybe even voice-overs to make everything feel magical.

A good wedding video lets you relive your happy memories over and over. It’s not just about cutting unwanted parts; it’s crafting a film that shows love and joy. Editors use skills like color correction to make sure each shot looks perfect.

They might also include drone footage for an epic view of your venue or social media clips for a modern touch.

Creating a great wedding video takes time and talent. That’s why editors charge based on experience and how complex your project is. If they’re freelancing or working full-time can change the cost too.

Remember, their work helps keep your wedding day alive forever in a movie you can always watch again!

The Difference Between Photography and Videography in Weddings

A bride and groom exchange vows at the altar surrounded by wedding guests.

Photos tell a story with still moments, but videos bring the whole day to life with motion and sound. Photography gives you snapshots that capture different parts of your wedding. A photo can show the laughter, tears, and joy in an instant.

Videography, though, lets you hear vows being said and watch the first dance unfold.

Having both photos and videos means every detail is saved forever. The photographer works on getting great images while the videographer records all the action. Many people think a video is extra special since it adds movement to memories that photos alone can’t give.

That’s why some choose videographers as an added treat for their big day along with photographers who are often seen as essential.

Factors Influencing Wedding Video Editor Cost

Experience, type of project, and freelance or permanent editor status all play a significant role in determining the cost of a wedding video editor. Want to understand how these factors impact pricing? Keep reading to find out!


If you pick a wedding video editor with lots of experience, be ready to pay more. These pros have spent years learning how to make your wedding film look amazing. They know all about turning hours of footage into a beautiful story that captures your day perfectly.

Editors with lots of weddings under their belt often use high-end software and skills to give you a movie-like feeling. Your videos will shine on social media or anywhere else you share them.

Remember that experienced editors can help avoid mistakes and make sure everything looks just right before your big reveal!

Type of Project

The type of project you want for your wedding video can change the price a lot. A simple highlight video takes less time than a full-length film with lots of details and edits. The number of videographers, the style you pick, and what parts of the wedding day you want in the film also make a difference.

Some couples might choose an animated intro or creative storyboards to add something special to their video. These extras need more skills from editors and so they can cost more money too.

It’s like picking toppings for a pizza – the more you add, the higher the cost goes!

Freelance or Permanent Editor

Choosing between a freelance or permanent video editor can really change the cost. Freelancers often have flexible rates and may charge per day or project. They might ask for $300 to $800 each day, but this depends on how skilled they are.

Editors with less experience usually ask for less money.

On the other hand, hiring a full-time editor means you’ll pay them a regular salary. This could be more costly in the long run, but it also means that they will always be there to work on your videos whenever you need them.

Rates for these editors vary too because some have lots of experience while others are just starting out.

Average Cost of Wedding Video Editing

The average cost of wedding video editing can vary depending on the type of project, with highlight and feature videos typically costing less than full-length edits. Factors such as the editor’s experience and whether they are a freelance or permanent editor also play a significant role in determining the overall cost.


Say you want just a taste of your big day captured in motion—a short clip for sharing on social media. This ‘Highlight’ option could be what you’re looking for. It’s usually a few minutes long and sets the mood, showing off the best bits like your first kiss or that funny dance move from Grandpa.

It captures the essence without needing to sit through the whole ceremony.

Maybe you’re thinking of something more than just a quick peek. A ‘Feature’ edit stretches out those special moments into a story, lasting around 10 to 20 minutes. You get to relive more laughs, tears, and heartwarming exchanges with loved ones.

It’s got more detail but still keeps things sweet and memorable.

For those who don’t want to miss a second, there’s the ‘Full Length’ film. Imagine sitting down on your anniversary each year to watch everything exactly as it happened—the vows, speeches, dances—and all those tiny details in between! This version can run much longer depending on how much footage you’ve got but is totally worth it if you love every little bit of your wedding day.


The Feature is a short wedding video. It usually lasts about 3 to 5 minutes. This type of edit might focus on the big day’s best moments, like saying “I do,” the first dance, or cutting the cake.

Editors craft these clips to capture emotions and tell a sweet story quickly. They’re perfect for sharing with friends on social media.

Prices for a Feature can vary based on what you want. Simple edits might not cost much, but if you add special effects or animations, it could be more expensive. You should talk to your editor and explain your vision so they can give you a good price estimate.

Full Length

The Full Length wedding video is the comprehensive compilation of all the moments captured during the event, including the ceremony, speeches, and dancing. This format allows for a more in-depth storytelling approach to encapsulate the entire atmosphere and emotions of the day.

When it comes to editing a Full Length wedding video, it typically involves meticulous attention to detail and seamless integration of various footage segments into a cohesive narrative that truly reflects the essence of the occasion.

The average cost of editing a Full Length wedding video can range from $800 to $2000, depending on factors such as editor experience, duration of coverage, and complexity of post-production requirements.

A skilled wedding video editor proficient in crafting captivating Full Length videos understands how to maintain audience engagement throughout an extended timeline while ensuring that every significant moment is beautifully presented.


In conclusion, the cost of a wedding video editor can vary widely based on factors such as experience, project type, and whether they are freelance or permanent. The average cost of wedding video editing ranges from $500 to $12,000 for different types of edits – highlight, feature, and full length.

Additionally, additional services like drone footage or special effects could affect the overall price. When considering a wedding video editor for your big day, it’s important to weigh these factors against your budget and vision for the final product.

To further understand the nuances between capturing your special day through still images and live footage, read our article on the differences between wedding photography and videography.


1. What’s a typical price for a wedding videographer?

The cost of hiring a wedding videographer can vary widely. You might pay less if you choose someone just starting out, or much more for a high-end professional with lots of experience.

2. Can social media marketing affect the price I pay for wedding video editing?

Absolutely! Videographers who are skilled in digital and social media marketing might charge more, as they offer additional services like promoting your wedding video on platforms like LinkedIn.

3. Why would I need SEO when looking for a wedding video editor?

Even though SEO is usually about web traffic, finding an editor skilled in search engine marketing means they know how to make your videos stand out online—handy if you’re sharing them on blogs or websites!

4. Should I consider cybersecurity and data protection when choosing my editor?

Yes—it’s important! Your chosen wedding videographer should ensure that your personal moments remain secure and protected against any cybersecurity threats.

5. Is it worth getting extra features from my wedding video editor like cartoons or pdf files?

These extras depend on what you want. Maybe you’d fancy some fun animations added to your video? Or perhaps having everything delivered in easily shared pdf files? Discuss with your videographer what additional services will meet your needs best.

6. Could other digital marketing elements impact the cost of editing my wedding film?

For sure—elements such as content marketing, advertising strategies, and even mobile marketing skills could push up the price because these all add value to how effectively you can share and enjoy your special day online.

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