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How long to wait for wedding videography?

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The flutter of excitement from your wedding day doesn’t fade, yet the wait for your video might dampen spirits. It’s a fact – couples usually anticipate their wedding film for several months post-celebration.

Our blog promises clarity on timelines and pacifies the eagerness to relive those precious moments through videography. Keep reading; the wait will feel shorter soon!

Key Takeaways

  • Wedding video turnaround times can differ, with some taking from 15 to 25 weeks or faster at 8 – 12 weeks. The time needed depends on the editing work and upload speed.
  • Editing is a big step that needs lots of time and skill. It might take 1 to 2 months for your videographer to edit your wedding video well.
  • The rough cut usually comes in about 2-3 weeks but doesn’t have all the special bits like music yet. After this, it may take more hours of work to get the final version ready.
  • Deciding how long your wedding video should be is important too. Shorter coverage means less wait but also fewer memories, while longer videos capture more but might mean waiting longer.
  • On average, you might wait for your edited wedding film between four to six months after saying “I do”. Contracts often say this period so you know what to expect. Delays can happen sometimes though!

Understanding Wedding Video Turnaround Times

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Wedding video turnaround times vary from one videographer to another. You might wait between 15 to 25 weeks for most wedding videos. Some work faster, like Reverent Wedding Films, who get your special memories back to you in 8-12 weeks.

The time it takes depends on lots of things, such as how much editing is needed and how quickly the video gets uploaded.

A single wedding video can take a full week’s work to edit. Every step needs careful attention to make sure you get the best quality for your first dance and all those moments that matter.

If someone tells you they got their wedding video in just six weeks, that’s pretty fast! Remember, good things come to those who wait – especially when waiting for something as precious as your wedding memories.

Factors Influencing Wedding Videography Turnaround

A wedding video editor working on a laptop at a tidy desk.

Editing, uploading, the rough cut, and the final cut are important factors that influence the turnaround time for wedding videography. Understanding these processes can help manage expectations and ensure a smooth experience when receiving your final wedding video.


Editing your wedding video takes time and skill. The videographer watches all the footage, chooses the best parts, and puts them together. They add music, correct colours, and make sure everything looks smooth.

This step can take a week if they work on it full-time. Sometimes they need up to a month to finish. If you give them 1 to 2 months for editing, you’ll get the best video quality.

For your special day’s memories to shine, good editing is key. It makes your laughter brighter and every moment feel close again. Trust that each clip added helps tell your love story in a beautiful way.

Your patience will be worth it when you see how amazing everything turns out!


Uploading your wedding video takes time and skill. After the big day, bridal couples are eager to share their special moments. But making sure the video is perfect requires patience.

It’s a bit like tweeting; you want every frame to shine before it hits social media. Videographers work carefully to put together each part of your story.

The process can be longabout 14 hours from start to finish without breaks! This includes double-checking that everything looks great. Then they upload the final cut for you and your family to enjoy.

While waiting might be hard, remember that good things take time, and soon enough, you’ll have a beautiful video recalling one of the best days of your life.

The Rough Cut

The rough cut is a basic version of your wedding video. It usually arrives 2-3 weeks after the big day. This first look doesn’t have all the special effects and music yet, but it lets you see most of what was filmed.

Your videographer takes this early version and starts turning it into a beautiful film. They might spend between 20 to 80 hours making sure everything looks just right. The time they need can change how much you pay for their work.

It’s important to talk about how long these steps will take before you decide on a videographer for your wedding.

Final Cut

Getting to the final cut of your wedding video is exciting. Editors put all the pieces together to make your story shine. They add music, fix colours, and make sure everything looks perfect so you can share it on social media like Twitter with friends and family.

This step usually takes about 2 weeks after they finish editing.

Now, editors take their time to double-check everything. They want your special moments to look just right. You’ve waited patiently, and soon you’ll have a wedding video that lasts forever!

Determining How Many Hours of Video You Need for Your Wedding

Deciding on the length of video coverage for your wedding is a big deal. Think about what parts of the day you want to capture most.

  • Look at the wedding videographer packages available. Some offer a few hours, while others cover the entire day.
  • Consider if just filming the ceremony will be enough. It may take only 1 – 2 hours.
  • Reflect on key moments you’d like to remember. Do speeches, dances, and getting ready matter to you?
  • Realise that eight-hour packages are common. They can catch most of your special day and tend to be more wallet-friendly.
  • Note that more hours can mean more memories. But they also might increase how long you wait for your final video.
  • Understand that your film’s length is also important. Often, a 30-minute movie is perfect for capturing all the fun without it dragging on.
  • Think about your schedule too. If you start early or party late into the night, consider longer coverage to get it all on film.
  • Keep in mind special traditions or events during your wedding that could need extra time.
  • Remember cultural elements might require additional videography hours if applicable to your celebration.

Average Wait Time for Wedding Videography

The anticipated period between the wedding day and receiving your beautifully edited video can be a topic of much curiosity for newlyweds. Couples often wonder how long they will have to wait to relive their special day through their wedding film.

– **Editing Process Length:** The time it takes for editors to craft the story of your wedding day can significantly vary. Depending on the complexity of the edit and the amount of footage captured, this stage alone can take several weeks or months. Editors meticulously comb through hours of film, selecting the best shots and syncing them with music, speeches, and other audio elements to create a cohesive narrative.

– **Rough Cut Waiting Period:** A rough cut, or the initial version of your wedding video, is often available within 2 to 3 weeks post-celebration. This version, while not polished, gives couples a glimpse into the raw footage, and occasionally, feedback can be provided for the final cut.

– **Final Cut Delivery Timeframe:** Completion of the final cut is where patience truly becomes a virtue. The average wait time for the fully edited, color-graded, and sound-mixed wedding video ranges from 4 to 6 months. This window allows videographers to intricately piece together your film, ensuring every emotion and pivotal moment is captured artfully.

– **Contractual Time Estimates:** It’s important to note that most wedding videography contracts outline an estimated delivery time of 3 to 6 months for the final product. This clause is particularly crucial as it manages expectations and provides a timeline for both parties to work towards.

– **Unanticipated Delays:** Occasionally, unforeseen circumstances can extend the wait time beyond the contract’s original estimate. Equipment malfunctions, personal emergencies, or high demand during peak wedding season might necessitate extra time for video completion.

– **Early Delivery Possibilities:** On the flip side, some couples may receive their finished wedding video ahead of schedule. This early delivery typically occurs when videographers encounter fewer backlogs or are able to dedicate uninterrupted time to editing the wedding film.

– **Status Updates Inquiry:** If you find the wait time surpassing the initially quoted period, reaching out to your videographer for a status update is reasonable. A professional will appreciate your interest and provide an updated timeline or explanation for the delay.

– **Impact of Sorting Footage:** The meticulous process of sorting through the captured moments contributes to the length of the waiting period. Videographers must ensure that no precious memory is overlooked, integrating a blend of visuals to tell a complete and captivating story.

The journey from saying “I do” to watching the day unfold on screen is full of anticipation. Understanding the typical wait times can help couples set realistic expectations and appreciate the detailed artistry behind their wedding film’s creation.


In wrapping up, waiting for your wedding video can be a test of patience. Understanding the factors influencing turnaround times and communicating with your videographer about expectations can help ease any frustration.

Remember that good things take time, and in the end, you’ll have a professionally edited film to relive your special day for years to come.


Q: What’s the usual time to get my wedding video back?

A: You might wait around 4-8 weeks to receive your wedding videography. The editor needs this time to piece together all the special moments into a wonderful film.

Q: Why does it take weeks for a wedding video to be ready?

A: Creating your wedding video takes a lot, from selecting clips and music to adding effects that make your day look magical. Editors take care of every detail, which means taking some extra weeks.

Q: Can I get my wedding video faster if I need it?

A: Yes, sometimes you can ask for a ‘rush edit,’ but remember, this might cost more. It means the team puts your video first in line.

Q: How do I know my videographer will do a good job with the timing?

A: Always chat with them before hiring! Good videographers explain their process and how long they’ll need. This way, you have clear expectations right from the start.

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