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Ultimate Guide to Documentary Videography FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

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You’re planning a wedding, and you’ve heard about documentary videography. Unlike traditional wedding videography, this style focuses on capturing unscripted moments to create an authentic storytelling experience.

This blog offers a comprehensive guide explaining everything you need to know about the process, equipment, cost, and commonly asked questions relating to documentary videography for weddings.

Get ready: we’re diving deep into the world of documentary-style filming!

Key Takeaways

  • Documentary videography captures real – life events and emotions in a cinematic style to create an authentic storytelling experience.
  • It differs from traditional wedding videography by focusing on candid moments, blending into the background, and using non-scripted scenarios for a genuine representation.
  • Hiring a documentary wedding videographer allows for capturing candid moments, telling a unique story, and providing a non-intrusive filming experience.

What is Documentary Videography?

A solitary red rose stands proudly among a beautiful landscape of wildflowers, showcasing its strength and elegance.Documentary videography is the art of capturing real-life events, people, and emotions in a cinematic style to tell a compelling and authentic story.

Definition of documentary videography

Documentary videography refers to the process of creating videos that capture real-life events or situations over a course of time. This genre of videography is distinctively recognized for its naturalistic style, where the main goal is to portray an honest and unbiased perspective on a certain topic.

Such type of film mainly depicts factual information with less emphasis on personal interpretation or artistic manipulation. In this category, every detail counts as it helps in delivering an authentic narrative experience based on solid facts and evidence, often used in areas such as journalism, education, history, science and more.

Differences from traditional wedding videography

Documentary wedding videography sets itself apart from traditional wedding videography in several compelling ways.

  • This style focuses on capturing raw, candid moments instead of staging scenes, making the end product authentic and unique.
  • Documentary wedding videographers blend into the background, allowing them to film without interrupting the flow of your special day.
  • Documentary videography uses non – scripted scenarios while employing shooting documentaries techniques for a genuine representation.
  • It involves a more comprehensive editing process, using video editing skills to weave together a narrative post-event.
  • Most documentary wedding videographers will use cutting – edge camera equipment specifically suited for documentary filming.
  • While the traditional method may display controlled picture – perfect scenes, documentary videography presents the real life events with elements of surprise and spontaneity.
  • Unlike staged shots in traditional methods, this style cultivates a personal and relatable story through its storytelling techniques.
  • The cost varies as it mainly depends on factors such as video production costs and quality of filming equipment used by the videographer.
  • Often requires more than just a single camcorder, possibly incorporating drones or two camera shoots for different perspectives.

Benefits of Hiring a Documentary Wedding Videographer

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Hiring a documentary wedding videographer offers the advantage of capturing candid moments and emotions, telling a unique and personal story, and providing a non-intrusive filming experience.

Captures candid moments and emotions

Documentary wedding videography focuses on capturing the raw and unfiltered emotions of your special day. Unlike traditional videography, this style doesn’t rely on staged shots or predetermined poses.

It zeroes in on authentic interactions between the couple and their guests, delivering a collection of candid moments filled with genuine joy, laughter, tears, and love. This creates not just a video but an everlasting emotional journey that encapsulates your big day’s essence in its purest form.

Tells a unique and personal story

Documentary videography has the power to tell a unique and personal story. Unlike traditional wedding videography, where the focus is often on capturing staged moments, documentary videographers aim to capture candid emotions and genuine interactions.

They strive to create a video that reflects the couple’s true personalities and showcases their love story in an authentic way. Through careful storytelling techniques, documentary videographers can craft a narrative that resonates with viewers on a deeply personal level, creating a lasting keepsake for years to come.

Their approach allows for a more natural and non-intrusive filming experience, resulting in videos that truly reflect the couple’s special day.

Allows for a non-intrusive filming experience

Documentary videography allows for a non-intrusive filming experience, making it ideal for capturing candid moments and emotions. Unlike traditional wedding videography that often involves staged shots and constant direction, documentary style focuses on natural interactions and real-time events.

This approach ensures that the couple and their guests can enjoy their special day without feeling overwhelmed or disrupted by the presence of cameras. With a documentary wedding videographer, you can truly be yourself and have your genuine emotions captured authentically in your wedding video.

Frequently Asked Questions about Documentary Videography

– Do I need a drone for my wedding video?

– Can I choose the music for my wedding video?

– Do I need two videographers for my wedding?

– How will a documentary wedding videographer work alongside my photographer?

– What is the cost for video production?

Do I need a drone for my wedding video?

Including drone footage in your wedding video can add a unique and cinematic touch to your special day. Drones are equipped with high-quality cameras that can capture stunning aerial shots of the venue, the decorations, and even you and your partner.

These shots provide a breathtaking perspective that is difficult to achieve with traditional videography. However, it’s important to note that using a drone for your wedding video is not essential; it’s more of an optional feature that can elevate the overall production value.

It ultimately depends on your personal preference and budget constraints.

Can I choose the music for my wedding video?

You have the freedom to choose the music for your wedding video. This is an important aspect of personalizing your video and setting the tone you desire. Whether you prefer romantic melodies, upbeat tunes, or a mix of both, selecting the right music will enhance the emotion and atmosphere captured in your special moments.

Discuss your preferences with your documentary wedding videographer so they can edit the footage accordingly and create a video that truly reflects your style and personality.

Do I need two videographers for my wedding?

Hiring two videographers for your wedding can be a great decision if you want to capture every special moment from different angles. With two videographers, you can ensure that no detail goes unnoticed and that all the important moments are captured on film.

One videographer can focus on the couple and the close-ups, while the other can capture wider shots of the ceremony and reception. Having two videographers also allows for more creativity in editing, as they can combine footage from different perspectives to create a dynamic and visually appealing wedding video.

Ultimately, whether or not you need two videographers depends on your preferences and budget, but it’s definitely worth considering if capturing every aspect of your big day is important to you.

How will a documentary wedding videographer work alongside my photographer?

A documentary wedding videographer will work alongside your photographer by capturing the candid moments and emotions of your special day. They will use their skills to tell a unique and personal story through video.

The videographer will work in a non-intrusive manner, blending into the background to capture authentic footage without disrupting the flow of events. This collaboration between the videographer and photographer ensures that both professionals can capture different aspects of your wedding while complementing each other’s work seamlessly.

What is the cost for video production?

Video production costs can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the project, equipment needed, and the experience level of the videographer. On average, documentary videography can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s important to discuss your budget and specific needs with potential videographers to get an accurate quote for your project. Keep in mind that investing in professional video production can greatly enhance the quality and storytelling of your documentary.


In conclusion, understanding the ins and outs of documentary videography is essential for capturing candid moments and telling a unique story. Hiring a documentary wedding videographer can provide you with a non-intrusive filming experience that beautifully captures the emotions of your special day.

Whether it’s choosing music, working alongside photographers, or considering video production costs, this ultimate guide has covered everything you need to know about documentary videography FAQs.

What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Documentary Videography?

What are some frequently asked questions about documentary videography? Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your skills in mastering documentary videography for beginners, it’s natural to have questions. Common inquiries include equipment recommendations, storytelling techniques, post-production tips, and how to capture authentic moments. Exploring these topics will allow you to develop a solid foundation in the art of documentary videography.


1. What is documentary videography?

Documentary videography is a style of filmmaking that focuses on capturing real-life events, situations, or stories in a non-fictional and often unscripted manner.

2. What equipment do I need for documentary videography?

For documentary videography, you will need a video camera or DSLR with video capabilities, a stable tripod, microphones for capturing clear audio, and sufficient memory cards for storing footage.

3. How do I choose the right subject for my documentary?

When choosing a subject for your documentary, consider topics that are meaningful to you and have potential audience interest. Look for compelling stories or unique perspectives that can engage viewers.

4. What are some important storytelling techniques to use in documentary videography?

Some important storytelling techniques in documentary videography include interviews with subjects, using archival footage or photographs to provide context, incorporating narration or voiceovers to guide the story, and capturing authentic moments as they unfold.

5. Are there any legal considerations when filming documentaries?

Yes, it’s important to be aware of legal considerations when filming documentaries such as obtaining consent from individuals being filmed and respecting privacy rights. Additionally, if you plan to include copyrighted material like music or visuals in your film, you may need to secure permissions/licenses.

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