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Can you be a self taught videographer?


Are you completely bewitched by the compelling art of visual storytelling and harbouring dreams of becoming a videographer, yet unsure where to begin without following the traditional route of formal education? Rest assured, you’re not alone. In fact, countless professional videographers have carved their own path in this dynamic field through self-education, consistently honing their […]

Is it hard to do videography?


Are you intrigued by the prospect of delving into videography, but feel a touch daunted by what might lie ahead? Trust us, we completely understand. We’ve all experienced that initial hesitation too. With this article, our aim is to unravel the intricacies and arm you with clear-cut knowledge to kick-start your adventure in this captivating […]

What piece of equipment should a videographer use?


Taking the plunge into the world of videography can be a bit overwhelming, especially when faced with the task of selecting just the right kit. We completely understand—wading through endless technical jargon and reviews only to find ourselves more befuddled than before. It would not be a bad idea to ask your videographer friend to […]

Mastering the Essential Videography Duties and Skills


Videography in photography has several roles. These include: What are the day to day duties of a videographer? Videographers have a lot of work to do every day. Here are the main tasks: What skills should a videographer have? A videographer needs a set of key skills to create high-quality videos. What type of personality […]

What is a videography skill?

Aerial view of new york city at dusk.

Ever mused over how professional videographers manage to bag such stunning footage? It’s not just you – we’ve been on that very expedition ourselves. We’ve dug deep and found that mastering the art of videography is a bit like a fine Yorkshire Pudding recipe; it requires the perfect blend of technical savvy and creative spark. […]

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