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How much does a wedding videographer cost in South Africa?

A bride and groom walking along a river with mountains in the background.

Deciding on a wedding videographer in South Africa can be as puzzling as choosing the perfect ring. It’s crucial to know that prices often reflect the coverage hours and package you select. Our guide demystifies costs, ensuring your special day is captured beautifully without breaking the bank. Read on for insights into making savvy choices […]

Is wedding videography worth it?

A bride and groom exchanging their wedding vows at sunset.

Deciding to have a wedding videographer on your special day is a big choice. Many couples wonder if the expense of capturing their love story in motion truly pays off. This article will delve into the pros and cons, shedding light on whether professional videography justifies its place in your wedding budget. Discover how this […]

How much does photography cost per hour in South Africa?

A group of cameras on a table in front of a window.

Finding the right price for photography services in South Africa can be tricky. Did you know that professional photographers can earn from R1000 per hour? This blog unpacks various photography rates to help you budget wisely, whether it’s for a wedding or product shoot. Dive in to discover how much capturing moments might cost you! […]

How long should wedding video take?

A bride and groom exchange vows at an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Deciding on the perfect length for your wedding video can be puzzling. Did you know the ideal duration is often between 30-60 minutes? Our article will guide you through understanding various styles and durations to make sure your special day is captured just right. Keep reading to discover how to treasure every moment without missing […]

How long to wait for wedding videography?

A bride and groom walking down a path in the mountains.

The flutter of excitement from your wedding day doesn’t fade, yet the wait for your video might dampen spirits. It’s a fact – couples usually anticipate their wedding film for several months post-celebration. Our blog promises clarity on timelines and pacifies the eagerness to relive those precious moments through videography. Keep reading; the wait will […]

How many hours of video do you need for a wedding?

A bride and groom standing under a floral arch at their wedding.

Deciding on the right amount of wedding videography can be tricky. It’s a fact: most couples plan for 8 to 12 hours of video coverage to capture their special day fully. Our guide will dissect the essentials, helping you pin down just how much footage strikes the perfect chord for your wedding narrative. Dive in, […]

How many photos can a photographer take in an hour?

A group of people taking pictures in a studio.

Deciding how many photos a photographer should snap in an hour can be puzzling. Interestingly, professionals often deliver between 20 and 60 polished pictures every hour. Our article guides you in understanding what factors into this number, promising to clear the haze around your photography queries. Discover essential insights – keep reading for the full […]

How much is a 1 hour photoshoot?

A woman is taking a picture with her dslr camera.

Deciding on spending for a photoshoot can be like finding your way through a maze of prices and packages. Did you know professional photographers might charge anything from $75 to $250 for just one hour? I’ll guide you through the cost factors and show you how to get the best snap for your quid. Let’s […]

Do photographers make good money in South Africa?

A young woman holding a camera in a crowded market.

Many aspiring photographers in South Africa wonder if their passion can also pay the bills. With an average monthly salary for a photographer being R13,713, it’s clear there’s potential to earn. This article unveils what factors influence these earnings and how you might maximise your photographic income in this vibrant market. Dive in to discover […]

What is the frame rate for wedding video?

A bride and groom exchange vows on the beach at sunset.

Choosing the right frame rate for a wedding video is crucial to capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments perfectly. It’s common knowledge that slow-motion footage can transform a simple moment into an enchanting experience, making frame rates like 60-120fps incredibly popular for videographers. Our guide will navigate you through the maze of technical jargon, ensuring you make […]

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